Beyond The Vines

At Cultured Vine, we specialize in creating uniquely elevated Napa Valley experiences for each of our members. With our concierge services, we curate experiences that go far beyond mere wine tastings. Through our relationships with a variety of high-end partners we can provide a personalized, luxe, one-of-a-kind Wine Country adventure for you.



The Legends

Napa Valley’s wines are frequently in the spotlight. The subtle details of the region’s land, grapes, varietals are often featured in colorful stories that create the urge to pick up a wine glass and start sipping. However, the most interesting and exciting tales come from the families and winemakers themselves, generations of untold stories divulging Napa Valley’s past and present.

That is why Cultured Vine has sought out some of the most notable winemakers in Napa to present its “The Legends.” Offering access to famed vintners including Tor Kenward, the fourth-generation Mondavi family sisters, and Kirk Venge, this series will share never-before heard stories from these masters accompanied by wine of their choice.

judgment of napa

Cultured Vine has announced a unique tasting experience inspired by one of the most significant wine events in history. The Judgment of Napa, a recreation of the pivotal 1976 Judgment of Paris competition that put Napa Valley wine on the world’s radar, is a limited opportunity to decide what you deem to be the frontrunner of Napa Valley wine as you taste alongside French vintages.

You be the judge in your own blind taste test inspired by the original “Judgment of Paris” competition.


Napa Valley is renowned for its wines, but it has so much more to offer. From this prized soil, the Napa Valley region is also leading the way in producing high-quality cannabis to elevate our health, harmony, and human experiences. Each special Edgetainment event combines award-winning, organically sun grown and certified biodynamic cannabis products with custom curation and the services of an expert budtender to guide all experiences to their unique conclusion.

And with the help of Cultured Vine, you can experience this elevation in a welcoming, personalized way! 


Helicopter Escapes

Okay, so you have been to Napa Valley but have you seen it from a bird’s eye view? Take a lift on a private helicopter ride and soar in the skies above some of the most gorgeous scenery. Whether it’s a quick trip up and down the valley between tastings, a romantic sunset getaway to the coast or even our very own curated Anderson Escape experience that incorporates stellar tastings with a paired lunch in the vineyards, Cultured Vine has your ticket to the sky!

Aviation / no limIts

Take flight with more than just the taste of wine on your mind. Our exclusive partnerships provide a complete cultural experience unparalleled anywhere else. Through combined industry insights and meticulous attention to detail, our partners create a one-of-a-kind experience for both high-rollers and jet setters alike.

From customized dining solutions to luxurious accommodations, you'll never want to fly first class again... because nothing compares to this.